We believe that a business is not worth running unless it's done with respect for the environment and the community.  Our commitment to sustainability is embodied in the following aspects of our business:

  • Material health: Our recipe is simple - just four basic ingredients: dark chocolate, white chocolate, organic candy canes, and organic peppermint flavor.  No preservatives, artificial colorants, or any other additives.  The dark chocolate we use is certified fair trade.
  • Material re-utilization: The take-make-waste economy has got to change if we are to create a sustainable future.  This means, in part, maximizing material re-use.  Our boxes are made with up to 80% recycled content, and can likewise be recycled again after you're done with them.  Within the box, the bark is packaged in a compostable bag. 
  • Renewable energy & carbon management: While our operations are not directly powered by renewable energy, we purchase renewable energy credits to account for our energy consumption as well as carbon offsets to account for the impacts of shipping our products.
  • Water stewardship: Our operations are located in an area of low-moderate water scarcity risk.  However, our natural ingredients and packaging materials have embodied water from their manufacturing, and some may come from areas where there are water sustainability issues.  We are investigating what the best approach is to reduce or mitigate these impacts.
  • Social fairness: Sourcing materials responsibly is another key component of sustainability, and so we use fair trade dark chocolate and source the rest of our raw materials from businesses with a similarly strong approach to social & environmental sustainability.

Finally, to underscore our commitment to sustainable development, we are committed to donating a portion of our profits to The Union of Concerned Scientists, a group dedicated to finding science-based solutions for a healthy planet and a safer world.